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Cenacle Prayer Enrollment

"Prayer sustains us, empowers us and is the essence of our ministry."

- Sister Lois Dideon, r.c.

Prayer Enrollment

Would you like to send the gift of prayer?
Prayer Enrollment is available on our Chicago and Ronkonkoma websites. Please visit one of these websites to shop cards, and enroll someone in this ministry.

The History

This spiritual ministry began in 1928, when Mother Mary Shannon, r.c. recalled the words of Saint Therese Couderc, the Foundress of the Cenacle Sisters, "...I saw as written as in letters of gold this word Goodness." Each Cenacle Enrollment is beautifully hand-lettered and custom-inscribed by a Cenacle Calligrapher in gold ink. 

Overview of Prayer Enrollment Ministry

When you give someone a Cenacle Enrollment Card or Folder, you are giving the gift of prayer. Enrollment in this ministry provides for the celebration of monthly Masses offered for all those enrolled and those who enroll them. Both you and those enrolled are remembered in the daily prayer of the Cenacle Sisters and by the many friends of the Cenacle. There is a Cenacle Prayer Enrollment Card or Folder for every occasion.

When you choose the gift of a Cenacle Prayer Enrollment, your offering helps to support the many spiritual ministries of the Cenacle Sisters, such as retreats, spiritual direction and adult faith formation.

Cenacle Prayer Enrollment Cards & Certificate Folders are ideal for:

  • Sharing the Joy of a Special Event
  • Celebrating the Holidays
  • Giving Comfort & Reassurance
  • During Illness
  • Providing Support During times of difficulty
  • Expressing Sympathy for Those Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

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