Auxiliaries Visit the New Provincialate

August 30, 2022

Meeting of American Auxiliaries at 3800 West Peterson

By Deborah Lee Prescott, PhD (Cenacle Auxiliary)

Most of the North American ACs were unable to travel to Chicago as we anticipated our first in-person meeting since 2019; however, three ACs were able to do so: Regional Director Maureen Reimer, Leadership team member Ann Frearson, and Lee Prescott. Fortunately, our planes arrived at O’Hare at almost the same time, so we met there and then proceeded to the Cenacle Province’s new home. We were blessed to rendezvous with our Spiritual Consultant, Sr. Mary Peters. Sr. Mary led us in periods of spiritual reflection, augmented by Sr. Pam sharing a PowerPoint summary of the recent Chapter meeting in Rome.

Moreover, we ACs were graced with the wonderful presence of the Cenacle Sisters at 3800 West Peterson, who treated us to a delightful spaghetti dinner on Friday night. Sisters from the Village joined us on Sunday as we shared pizza and memories together. We visited a Chicago-based Auxiliary, as well as some Sisters in Resurrection Life.

Our time together was truly joyful, and we held all the ACs who were unable to attend in our hearts.

(Pictured: Auxiliary Maureen, Sr. Jean, and Auxiliary Lee, August 2022)