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Year of Consecrated Life
The Year of Consecrated Life opens the First Sunday of Advent.

All Christians are called to union with God in love.  However, each Christian call has its own unique value for the Church and the world, and the living-out of that call has its own emphases, highlighting different facets of the same divine love and the same call to transforming union.

Since one Christian vocation is not interchangeable with another, this means that without Catholic sisters (or brothers or religious priests) there would be something sorely missing — but this missing element would not necessarily be the works we are now doing, no matter how important these works are. (After all, many of these are now being performed just as well by dedicated lay people.)  Just as the witness of married love is not based on the occupations of the spouses, but rather on living deeply the sacramental relationship of marriage — so the witness of religious life and the reason it is still indispensable to the Church is not based primarily on the jobs we do, but on the life itself, lived in depth.

By its very existence through the centuries, religious life proclaims:

  that what matters is God; and as Teresa of Avila wrote, “sólo Dios basta,” God alone suffices;

  that prayer is more powerful than bombs;

  that it is possible to live together in peace, even with people whom we did not choose — or might never have chosen — as companions;

  that communion with God includes communion with each other, expressed through presence, ritual, and the sharing of material goods;

  that possessions do not make us happy;

  that giving ourselves totally, as Jesus did, does not lead to annihilation, but brings us most surely into who we truly are;

  that grace and mercy abound in the struggle to be faithful to God’s call — and that when we inevitably fall short, grace and mercy abound, still and always.

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Here are a few resources you might enjoy checking out:

“That, surely, is what we mean by consecrated life:
the daily intention and effort to live for God alone
and not at all for ourselves.”
(Ruth Burrows, Essence of Prayer)

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The photo is of the chapel at the Chicago Cenacle.
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