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Meet a Cenacle Auxiliary

A former Methodist who converted to Catholicism, Dr. Carolyn Jacobs is a Cenacle Auxiliary who lives in Sunderland, MA. She received her Doctorate in Social Welfare from Brandeis University, and is now the Dean of the School of Social Work at Smith College.

Dr. Jacobs first became aware of the Cenacle in 1965 at a class at the Cenacle in Carmichael, California given by Sr. Peggy Dugan. She wanted to, “make a deeper commitment to my life with God.” She also was very inspired by articles in the Cenacle Encounter magazine. When she moved to Boston, she attended the Cenacle in Brighton until it closed.

While at the Brighton Cenacle, Dr. Jacobs became a Cenacle Auxiliary, taking her final vows in 1988. She finds that she has been inspired by many Cenacle Sisters, including Sr. Sadie Nesser, Sr. Thelma Hall and Sr. Meg Byrne. Dr. Jacobs is now a member of the Emmaus Group of Cenacle Auxiliaries. The Emmaus Group consists of Cenacle Auxiliaries who do not live near a physical Cenacle location, but rather communicate with other Auxiliaries and Sisters by phone, e-mail and meetings that are held during the year. She says that, “We have a very strong community identity that transcends geography.”

Dr. Jacobs describes her life as a Cenacle Auxiliary as, “a commitment to know and love Jesus -- by being a witness, rooted in Cenacle spirituality, and a transformative presence in the world. We witness the consecrated secularity of our vocation and God uses our individual gifts as women to bring Christ’s love to all we meet.”

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