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What Do You Want???
When Jesus turned and saw them following, he said to them, "What are you looking for?"  John 1:38

What would you say if Jesus stood before you and asked you the question, "What are you looking for?"  Would you stand there in amazement, too awestruck even to respond?  Or would all sorts of requests come floating forth from you?  What would you ask for?  Would you request miracles and answers to all your problems and concerns?

Anthony De Mello, S.J. tells a story in Free Flight about a woman who dreamed that Jesus was a salesman in a market-place.  when she asked him what he sold, Jesus told her that she could have anything her heart desired.  She excitedly requested things like freedom from fear, peace of mind and heart, and the end of pain and struggle in her life.  When Jesus heard this, he responded to her, "Oh, no, you've got me wrong.  We don't sell fruits here, only seeds."

I've often thought of how much I want God to zap away every difficult thing from my life.  Instead, God gives me "seeds" like wisdom, courage and faith so that I can grow and mature through my life's events.

Dear God, today I will pay attention to the "seeds" that are waiting to be watered and tended.  I will sap looking for instant solutions to problems and be more aware of the opportunities for growth.  
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