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125 Years in North America

Rejoice with us! The Cenacle is celebrating 125 years since our arrival in North America.

This is a picture of the first four Religious of the Cenacle to arrive in New York from France in 1892.

"It was not without emotion," wrote Mother Bachelard, "that we saw the shores of France fade from our view, but we bore within our hearts One, Who being All things and everywhere, annihilates distance and bestows the necessary strength for every sacrifice. Henceforth all our thoughts and efforts were to be turned toward that American land where He was awaiting us."

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Fr. Steven Avella FEBRUARY 27 2019
Dear Sisters, I am a historian at Marquette University in Milwaukee. I am working on a short work on Sacramento, California Catholicism. I have strong recollections of the Cenacle in Sacramento. In my research I have studied the origins of the house in California. I came across the name of Mrs. Marie Dachauer. She contacted Mother Ida Barlow to establish a house in Sacramento. I'd like to explore more the role of Mrs. Dachauer in helping the Cenacle get established. I am wondering if you archives might contain this material and if it would be possible to visit them and do research. Regards, Fr. Steven Avella (916-243-9119)

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