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"Our aim is to make the Gospel known to people of our time by ministry confided to us. We must ourselves be caught up by the love of Jesus Christ since our lives, far more than our words, must speak clearly of Christ."

Cenacle Associates


La Fraternite, made up of non-resident communities of women and men who live Cenacle Spirituality in their daily lives, traces its origins to 1878 in France. They continue to this day, and though called by various names around the world, have since spread to most areas of the Cenacle Congregation. Currently there are 14 Cenacle Associates Groups in North America.


The spirituality and mission of the Cenacle Sisters is shared by:

  • responding to those who have expressed a desire to be more closely affiliated with the Cenacle Sisters
  • providing an opportunity for Christian women and men to receive formation in Cenacle spirituality
  • providing Cenacle Sisters with an opportunity to share their life, prayer, and mission with others who choose a non-vowed annual commitment
  • formation of a faith community sharing prayer and mutual support encouraging Cenacle Associates to be transformed into eager witnesses and messengers of Jesus Christ

Who are the Cenacle Associates?

Cenacle Associates are men and women, single and married, Catholic and other Christian traditions, or diocesan priests, all who desire to live out Cenacle spirituality in their own milieu. We participate in an 18-24 month period of formation in order to grow in our personal spirituality and to allow Cenacle spirituality to become a vital part of our lives.

After our formation period, we make a commitment, renewed annually, to live Cenacle spirituality in our own lives. We do not make vows.

Membership Requirements

Cenacle Associates are women and men who pray regularly and who desire to deepen our spiritual life by embracing the spirituality and mission of the Cenacle Sisters. We are women and men who have:

  • Sufficient maturity, as well as sufficient physical, mental, and emotional health, to participate fully in the formation of a faith community 
  • financial independence
  • the desire to discern the will of God in our daily lives.
  • Freedom to make an annual commitment to active participation in the faith community by:
  • attending monthly meetings
  • completing the reflection, reading And praying that is requested between gatherings
  • making an annual retreat
  • receiving regular ongoing spiritual direction
  • sharing in Cenacle prayer and celebrations
  • A sense of call to be of service to the Church and the world
  • Formation
  • formation in Cenacle spirituality
  • some time reflecting on the commitment, what it means, and their freedom to make it annual commitment (not vows)

Cenacle Sisters

  • Provide the formation necessary to be a Cenacle Associate
  • On an individual basis and as requested, provide ongoing spiritual direction, and opportunities for retreat, reflection and spiritual renewal
  • Pray with and for the Cenacle Associates
  • Model community for the Cenacle Associates, who in turn are encouraged to grow in their own understanding of community according to their own life call
  • Work with the Cenacle Associates in providing prayer experiences, input, and other tools necessary to grow in their vocation
  • Welcome the Cenacle Associates into the international Cenacle family
  • Are sister to each Cenacle Associate

In areas where Cenacle Sisters do not reside:

Cenacle Associates who have completed formation and other necessary training, along with Sisters who come from other locations provide support and formation in all the areas and ways listed above.

Gathering as a Community

The Cenacle Associate groups meet once a month for prayer, input, faith sharing, and refreshments. Once the formation period is over, we participate in responsibility for the format of meetings and the ongoing life and vitality of the Cenacle Associates group.

Are you being called?

If you would like more information about the Cenacle Associates program please e-mail You can also download our Cenacle Associates Brochure for additional information.

Meet a Cenacle Associate

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Cynthia Gdula