"I get glimpses of God through other people's experiences."

- Sister Alice Weekerle, r.c.

An Overview of Our Ministry

Please be aware, the Cenacle Sisters have closed their Chicago house to all ministry and are not, at this time, accepting reservations or phone calls for spiritual direction or private retreats or registrations for their programs.  The House will remain closed until at least April 12, 2020.  Be well.

Retreats & Programs

We offer an array of personal retreat options including directed retreats, private retreats, 19th Annotation (Retreat in Everyday Life), Thirty Day Ignatian Directed Retreat and individual days of prayer.

Directed Retreat

A Cenacle Sister, as your retreat director, will companion you during your journey of the heart. According to your needs and desires, she may suggest certain ways of praying as well as passages from Scripture for your reflection. She will also reflect with you upon your experience in prayer and the way God seems to be leading you.

Private Retreat

A time in which you may enjoy quiet and solitude, as well as the opportunity for personal prayer, meditation and reflection.

19th Annotation or Retreat in Everyday Life

For more information, contact the Ministry Coordinator.

Thirty Day Ignatian Directed Retreat 

For more information, contact the Ministry Coordinator.

Individuals are welcome to come to the Cenacle for a day of prayer, as well as a directed or private retreat of longer duration. You may request a Cenacle Sister for spiritual direction during your retreat.

Spiritual Direction

Cenacle Sisters are available to walk with you on your journey toward God. Trained and experienced as a spiritual companion, a Sister will support you in:

  • Exploring the "desires of your heart" by talking about your life and your relationship with God
  • Encouraging you in your prayer
  • Becoming aware of God's action in the events of your life and your inner journey
  • Reverencing and savoring your experience of God
  • Listening to the deepest desires of your heart
  • Trusting in the Holy Spirit to help you find within yourself the answers to your deep questions
  • Discerning a direction for your life that is in harmony with God's dream for you

If you would like more information about spiritual direction, a directed or private retreat at the Chicago Cenacle, please call the Ministry Coordinator at (773) 528-6300 or e-mail your inquiry to csisters@cenaclechicago.org. You can also print out brochures for Spiritual Direction and Personal Retreats.