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Take a Moment
Joan  »
In this time of ever growing darkness and the settling of the earth into a slumber take a moment to reflect on the sparks of nature which surround us.  The colors and smells of this season fill my heart with immense serenity.  The earth is teaching me to pause and consider the blessings which have been ever present but not always noticed as I move throughout my day.  So take a walk or simply pause and look out a window to savor all the earth is giving us each moment of this Autumn time.
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The Feast of St. Francis
Joan  »
Today, October 4, is the Feast of St. Francis so take the time to appreciate all the blessings bestowed upon you.  The food provided by the earth. The warmth provided by the sun and the rain sent by the clouds.  The family and friends whom you love and who love you.  The grace of God which allows you to embrace each day and grow into God's love.  The wisdom of St. Francis is found in his embrace of "Lady Poverty".  Where in our lives can we reflect the message of St. Francis - his love of the earth and all the earth's creatures, his humility and his simplicity?
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