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The root of the word courage is Old French coer for Heart.  The Webster dictionary states it is the state of mind or spirit that allows us to face life without fear.  I love the idea that is is a state of spirit not just action.  I know when I face each day without fear it is because I feel God's presence in my heart directing my spirit at each moment.  Psalm 31 states Let your heart take courage; all you who hope in the Lord.  That is just one of the many biblical quotes telling us to trust in God, to "be not afraid".   When I call upon God to be grant me courage I am, in fact, asking for the ability to move through each moment of the day without fear.  And that is where the freedom to truly be present to my life resides.  May you find "the courage to change the things we can" each and every moment of your grace filled life.
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