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The Horizon
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Sometimes in life the wall feels immeasurable. When the day is so bad the minutes pass by like years. In the valleys of our daily realities we often trek further down into hopelessness. The peak just doesn’t seem attainable from this far down. “This is life”, we tell ourselves, and the pressure and pain is the process and price of living. In these winter seasons we can so easily lose sight of spring on the horizon. We have endured and conquered many valleys before. And as our faith matures with each winter season we recognize there is growth in the valley. Our healing does not begin at the summit. God is with us even when we feel He is the furthest away. There is victory in every tear we shed and heartbreak we have endured; Christ was there. With Easter Sunday drawing near let us remind ourselves, some winters may be long, but the glory of spring is on the horizon. (Hebrews 12:2-3)

 How do we endure when things seem impossibly hard?

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