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zAn Emptiness Only God Can Fill: Remaining Hungry, Thirsty and Open to the Promise


Our Church offers us the Seasons of Advent, Christmastide, Lent, Eastertide and Ordinary Time – each addressing different aspects of the human mystery.  What are the common threads woven throughout each season?  We offer emptiness, hunger and hope – emptiness we try to avoid.  Hunger we attempt to fill.  And thereby any chance of hope becomes a superficial grasp to “feel good.”  Can we rest in the hunger and emptiness so that the eyes of our soul can adjust to the darkness, discover Jesus with us and learn to hope in God’s faithful promise?  

This online retreat, An Emptiness Only God Can Fill: Remaining Hungry, Thirsty and Open to the Promise, is open to all. Those who have been experiencing any type of grief, within the family, related to the pandemic, or due to the vicissitudes of life in general are especially encouraged to attend.

This is a 90 minute, non-recorded, live online program.



Father Larry Lewis, M.M., ordained a Maryknoll priest in 1975, served in Taiwan and China.  For 20 years he coordinated an education project for Chinese church personnel to better serve their home dioceses. He served as Rector of Maryknoll and in their Personnel Office. He’s offered retreats throughout China and for four years was on the staff of the Cenacle Retreat Center, Ronkonkoma, NY offering retreats and spiritual direction.  He holds an MA in pastoral counseling from St. Paul’s, Ottawa and a Ph.D. in spirituality from Duquesne.  He authored The Misfit – Haunting the Human/Unveiling the Divine.


May 25, 2022
Facilitated by: Larry Lewis, MM
10:00 AM Central

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