"I get glimpses of God through other people's experiences."

- Sister Alice Weckerle, r.c.

Ongoing Programs 


 Prayer Shawl
 Pam Crenwelge & Yvonne Kubicek

 1st & 3rd Wednesday - September 2019 – May 2020 -7pm – 9pm Location: Cenacle on Memorial

 Minimum offering: Good will offering

The Cenacle Prayer Shawl Ministry combines the love of crochet and knitting in a way to bring comfort and solace to others. When completed, the shawls are blessed and offered for purchase at the Cenacle. As gifts, the shawls are a way to wrap the recipients in prayers.


Catholic Women Exploring God's Call to Religious Life (Age 19-45)

Second Wednesday, 7-9 pm
2019 - Sept.11 2019 - no for Oct. Nov. 13 - Dec. 11 - 2020 Jan. 8 - Feb. 19 - Mar. 18 -  Apr.8 - May 13 - June 10  2020 - (3rd Wednesday in Feb)
The Cenacle Offers monthly gatherings for Catholic women (ages 19-45) wondering about a call to religious life. You may attend any or all of these sessions.
Call 281-497-3131 or email rhaasrc@gmail.com to register with Sr. Roselle Haas, rc
Suggested Offering


Cenacle Home Retreats

Cenacle Home Retreats are facilitated by trained spiritual directors and can be scheduled at your local church or participants homes.
Contact Sr. Roselle Haas for additional information (281) 497-3131 or rhaasrc@gmail.com

Lectio Divina (Divine Reading)

10:30 am- 12:00 pm

Lectio Divina is a traditional Benedictine practice of scriptural reading, meditation, and prayer intended to promote communion with God and to increase the knowledge of God's Word. It does not treat Scripture as texts to be studied, as the Living Word.  In our Friday session of Lectio Divina, the chosen passage from the following Sunday Gospel reading is read, then its meaning is reflected upon. This is followed by prayer and contemplation.
Suggested Offering

Ignatian Internship

19th Annotation Retreat 


This internship program is designed to assist Spiritual Directors who have already completed the Spiritual Exercises to accompany a directee through this type of program. Attention will be given so that the participants will help their directees experience God in a more personal, intimate, and unconditionally loving way.


2019 Dates

September 21 | December 21


2020 Dates

January 18 | February 15 | March 21 | April 18 (Holy Saturday)

May 16|

If your own director cannot do this, contact: Sr. Mary Dennison, rc (281) 497-3131 and the Cenacle will assign a trained director.                                                                                                This retreat can begin at any time during the calendar year.


Individual Day of Prayer or A Directed Retreat
For Men and Women, Must be 18 years of age

Reflect, pray and seek a renewed presence of God in your life with or without a Cenacle Sister or Spiritual Director. Cost is $40 for a single day and includes lunch or $75 for each overnight with 3 meals.

Please call at least 3 business days in advance. 281-497-3131


4-Day Commuter's Retreat

Has it been a challenge for you to carve out time for prayer? Looking for a way to deepen your connection with God but can't take time to get away for a few days? You can meet your daily responsibilities AND meet briefly with a Spiritual Director who will guide you in praying with Sacred Scripture and applying it to your circumstances. During this four day experience 1) pray with scripture at home, 2) then commute to meet with your Retreat Director at a time that fits your work and family responsibilities. 

Suggested Offering: $45  Contact Sr. Roselle Haas to schedule your 4 Day Commuter's Retreat:  rhaasrc@gmail.com or 281-497-3131 

WWIT Group
Wise Women in Training (age 65+) closed- starts back in the fall

Sr. Mary Dennison, rc, facilitator
Second Monday, 9:30 -11:30 am
August 2019-May 2020

A morning of prayer and sharing around selected topics. For those who have attended the Grace-ful Aging Retreat and others in this age cohort.
Suggested Offering