"I get glimpses of God through other people's experiences."

- Sister Alice Weckerle, r.c.
Program Information:
Start Date: November 22, 2019
End Date: November 24, 2019
Program Time: 7pm (11/22) through 12pm (11/24)
Presenter: Sr. Lois Dideon, rc
Suggested Offering: $155

This weekend is an opportunity to work on our life story to free up more space in our heart for living with more peace, joy, and love.  We will be focusing on key insights from the book The Grace in Agingby Kathleen Dowling Singh.  (Please see MORE DETAILS.)

LOCATION:  Dominican Meeting Hall (6501 Almeda Rd., Houston, TX. 77021)

There are limited spaces available for overnight attendees.  Please register with the overnight accommodation rate if you would like to stay on-site.  There are only 20 overnight accommodations spots available.

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