"From the moment I stepped out of my car, I felt immersed in the peace that is the Cenacle. I wasn't sure what I was looking for but now I understand it was just being able to set aside my daily baggage and just be. I expected peace and quiet but didn't realize how encompassing it would be for body, mind and spirit, the Spiritual Direction, Massage, Art Cove, Liturgical Services, the food, and the great hospitality."

- M.G.P
Program Information:
Title: The centrality of Jesus, our master story
Start Date: January 29, 2020
End Date: January 29, 2020
Program Time: 9:30 - 12:30pm
Presenter: Maureen Bacchi
Suggested Offering: $45

                             The Centrality of Jesus, Our Master Story

  This professional day will review the different types of conversion we experience in our lives as the Holy Spirit nudges us closer and closer into the heart of God.  We will also review how directors are the companions on the road who help directees look to Jesus, Who holds the Master Story for our lives.

 This program is open to all Spiritual Directors

Please arrive early for sign-in and refreshments at 9:00am

Program starts at 9:30am

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