"From the moment I stepped out of my car  I felt immersed in the peace that is the Cenacle. I wasn't sure what I was looking for but now I understand it was just being able to set aside my daily baggage and just be. I expected peace and quiet but didn't realize how encompassing it would be for body, mind and spirit, the Spiritual Direction, Massage, Art Cove, Liturgical Services, the food, and the great hospitality."

- M.G.P

Spiritual Direction Institute


The Cenacle Retreat House offers a three year ecumenical formation program for Spiritual Directors/Companions designed for those who want to acquire the skills to develop a framework of understanding and a competency in fostering spiritual growth in others. The program is interdisciplinary, experiential and process oriented. Each course is developed and given by faculty providing professional and theological input. Using the shared Christian praxis method where applicable, participants will be helped to integrate the new content with their own experience. 

Those who satisfactorily complete the program will receive a certificate of completion of the Program of Formation for Spiritual Directors/Companions. 

Who is the Spiritual Direction Institute designed for?

The Spiritual Direction Institute is open to Men and Women, Clergy, Religious and Laity who are in Christian Ministry in parishes, schools, retreat centers, and so forth.


Application Fee: $20.00 (Non-refundable)
$500 per semester of which at least half could come from the sponsoring community

Program Description & Requirements

Download the brochure below for a full description of the three year program and course themes as well as admission and program requirements.

Spiritual Direction Institute Brochure

Contact sdi@Cena­cleRetreatHouse.org to obtain an application.