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The Many Faces of Loss

Our losses in life can be barely noticed, simply disorienting, or even life-changing! Significant losses contain varying degrees of grief. If left alone or unexpressed, this can lead to health issues, addictions or other chronic conditions. Embracing our losses opens us to what is needed for our healing.
Join us for the Inner Healing Day of Prayer on Friday, Nov. 7th from 9:30 am - 2:00 pm. Minimum Offering: $45 includes lunch.
Inner Healing


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Saturday, November 1 will be the last day to register.Like everything else Catholics-Mean-Business related, Seating is Limited - OnPurpose!

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New to the Cenacle, John Connell will be presenting a 2 day retreat workshop on Nov. 20 and 21.  Please check out video for more details

Catholics Mean Business Register Now
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Come and let God deepen your experience of being loved and loving. You will explore the Map of Your Spiritual Journey as you have experienced it so far and hear God invite you deeper into "Life to the Full" and what that might look like. Time for contemplation, journaling, creative play, sharing and being surprised by the Spirit.

Oct. 31- November 2, 2014
7pm Friday - 1:30 pm Sunday
Presented by Sr. Lois Dideon, rc
Minimum Offering: $185
Click here to Register
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In A Little While
Mary Abell, Fr. Ed's sister-in-law, read this poem at his services.  The author George Nganga is a family friend and he wrote this in 2011 shortly before hearing that his own father had passed away.  It says so much.

In a little while you will not see me anymore
And then a little while later you will see me
Not your concept of time or my idea of it.
But in God's own time: in a little while

We are missing a precious piece of ourselves
And we will never be the same again
What we are left with are echos, shadows and memories
But we hold onto the Promise: in a little while

But how could the sorrow Jesus spoke of
A sorrow so devastating as that associated with death
Turn into joy, victory and life everlasting?
The day of resurrection reckons in a little while

His absence will speak to us of God's presence
Just as our brokenness speaks of His wholeness and Holiness
In our pain and tears He will show us joy
The God-given joy as we hope and wait in a little while

In a little while we will be re-united with the ones we love
In a little while we will be with our Risen Savior
In the gathering darkness there is a light ahead
In love He made us, and in love He will mend us- in a little while.

To Father Ed from all of us who love you and miss you - we will see you in a little while!
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Today, we said our final good-byes to our beloved priest Rev. Edward W. Abell.  Fr. Ed came to the the Cenacle in 2006 as the resident priest and spiritual director and served here until Our Lord welcomed him home on October 2, 2014.
Fr. Ed became a close friend to all of us and when we were having a difficult day nothing turned it around as quickly as having him pop into the office with his smile and twinkling eyes and the reminder we can "Choose Happiness."
Last year we honored Fr. Ed at the Cenacle Annual Spring Dinner.  It was such a great experience meeting his old friends and hearing their stories. Some made you laugh and others made you cry but all were about his being there for them.  A few days before the dinner I received a call from the Chancery downtown.  A man was there looking for a ticket to the dinner.  As I was speaking with him I became aware he had special needs. I asked him how he knew Fr. Ed and he responded saying he didn't know him at all. He had read about Fr. Ed in the Herald and just knew that he wanted to meet this priest because Fr. Ed must have a special love for people.  Fr. Ed had come into my office while I was on the phone and heard me make arrangements for the man to attend the dinner.  Fr. Ed told me to make sure he was able to meet Jacob at the dinner. 
The evening of the dinner Jacob was one of the very first to arrive. I showed him to his seat and told him Fr. Ed had not yet arrived but as soon as he did I would introduce them.  When Fr. Ed came into the room he was quickly surrounded by family and friends. I came up to let him know Jacob was there. Father immediately excused himself from all his friends and went over to see Jacob. He sat down next to Jacob and spent time really listening to him.  Fr. Ed could make you feel like you were the only one in the room.  Jacob asked if he could have his picture taken with Fr. Ed and if Father would autograph his program. Of course Father did so and it meant the world to Jacob.  The evening was meant to celebrate Fr. Ed and Father made time to celebrate Jacob.  It was Father's way of life.
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend some one on one time with Fr. Ed.  We were talking about the days ahead and he reminded me that he knew Jesus was in his boat.  The times might get rough and Fr. Ed didn't know what God had in store for him but he never doubted he would get through it all because he knew Jesus loved him and he loved Jesus.
"Don't pray the storm away, just invite Jesus into your boat," Rev. Ed Abell.  Thank you Fr. Ed for all the life lessons you have helped me understand and I'll be sure and keep inviting Jesus into my boat. 
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