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As  moms we frequently lament that the time and demands of motherhood leave little time for our relationship with God.  How can a mom live contemplatively while changing diapers or driving the carpool?

Join us as we seek to recognize practices of motherhood, things you do every day, as a way of better knowing God.

Presented by: Julia Batdorf and Sharon Jacobson, both spiritual directors and retreat leaders on staff at the Cenacle.

Wednesday, January 27, 9am - 2:30pm

Cost: $45 includes lunch

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For Men Only - a 10 week  series for men to explore their journey of personal relationships, emotional and spiritual growth.  Based on the book "So Dad, What Makes a Man?" by Tom Peery.  

Presented by: Luis Canales, Lloyd Guerin, David Malicki, and Tom Peery

Thursdays 7-9 pm from January 21 - March 31, 2016

Cost: $125 includes book

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I have loved you with an everlasting love.  Jeremiah 31:3

Over 500 years ago Ignatius of Loyola shared his experience of God's love in what has become known as the Spiritual Exercises.  This retreat will provide participants with the opportunity to deepen their own relationship with God through prayerful reflections on those exercises.

Presented by Anne Marie Daniel, Laura Laine, Bernadette Peters and Sandy Smith.

For Women Only

Minimum Offering: $195 includes overnight accommodations and meals.

January 29-31, 2016, 7pm Friday-1:30pm Sunday

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January's Inner Healing Day of Prayer will explore the process of learning to forgive ourselves.  How can I accept myself in order to move on toward freedom and a more abundant life?

 Join the Inner Healing Team on Friday, January 8th from 9:30am - 2:00pm. The cost is $45 and includes lunch.


Register Online or call 281-497-3131

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Cinema at the Cenacle
Tuesday Jan. 12th is movie time. "The Hundred-foot Journey" stars Helen Mirren as a chef/owner of a fancy restaurant in France. The fireworks start when immigrants from India open a restaurant right across the street. We watch two worlds/cultures collide in this delightful story with heart & humor. Several spiritual themes emerge as the drama unfolds. The film is produced by Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey and Julie Blake. The film is 2 hours so we will begin showing at 9:30 am Tuesday morning.  Call 281-497-3131 to register.
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Relationships are disrupted in today's world, often by a failure to communicate--as the 1967 movie "Cool Hand Luke" put it. When I was well into my midlife, I was a great communicator on subjects like work, sports, and weather, but my father had taught me talking about my emotions or my inner thoughts was either for women or selfish. After being a workaholic  for twenty-five years, I realized the only way I could seek a better balance in my life was to go cold turkey and I retired early.

A few years later, my son Tristan came home one night and said, "Tomorrow I'll be twenty-one, so Dad, what makes a man?"  Something told me not to be flippant,  but all I knew then was there was more to a man than just work, but what? Some quick research showed me there was no way I could speak for what makes all other men, only what made me. I asked him if I could get back to him and he said "sure."    

It took fifteen years, beginning after leaving work with caring for my father who had developed Alzheimer's disease, followed by ongoing, grace-filled moments that initiated my education of the spiritual, emotional and relational aspects of my life. I eventually replied to my son by writing a memoir  named after his question.  

Two years ago Luis Canales, Lloyd Guerin and I created a men's workshop at the Cenacle we call A Walking Tour of Male Spirituality, based on my memoir. It provides a safe and trustworthy environment for men to practice talking about their own lives, in a community that recognizes each man is worthy of being heard and retains the responsibility to freely direct his own life. The objective is to get better at building something greater than ourselves through our personal relationships with others and God. It consists of ten two-hour sessions on Thursday nights, and begins again at the Cenacle on January 21, 2016. See programs and retreats to register online or call 281-497-3131 Ext. 112


Tom Peery

Husband, father, grandfather, Cenacle spiritual director, Argentine tango dancer,

and, author of So Dad, What Makes a Man? : A Narrative on the Male Identity
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