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Come, Beloved and discover, pray, learn, share and delight in the mystery of our Oneness with God in Christ.

Join us in searching through Paul's Letters to the Early Churches in the New Testament. So that you might enter more fully in the Mystery of the love of Christ, we will explore key Pauline passages. In order that these mystical teachings may open our hearts and minds to the gifts God has for us.

The program will include: presentations; time for quiet reflection; sharing, and free time


Presented by:

Sr. Lois Dideon, rc a Cenacle Sister, has graduate degrees in theology and pyschoterapy. She has ministered in religious formation and spiritual renewal for many years.

Sr. Barbara Regan, rc MA, MTS has 40 years of experience leading retreats and co-leading with women and men fro coast to coast.




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The later mid-life journey opens us to the positive possibilities of a fuller, healthy life and an awareness of God's deeper call to intimacy through reflection on our experiences of life both painful and joyous.


Dianne Cotton has a Master's degree in Education from the University of St. Thomas in Houston. An educator for 30 years, she is living the rewards and challenges of retirement, especially growing into her role as "Grandma." Dianne is a Cenacle Spiritual Director and Partner in Ministry on staff at the Cenacle.

Sharon Jacobson is a Cenacle Spiritual Director and also assists and facilitates retreats. Sharon is currently working on the Doctorate of Ministry with a concentration on spirituality at the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio.

Sr. Mary Dennison, rc a Cenacle Sister, has a Doctorate in Education from the University of Houston, a Master of Religious Education from Loyola of Chicago and holds Texas Certification in Gerontology.


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"Come away by yourself to a quiet place and rest a while." Mark 6:31

Now is the time to register for your own private retreat.  Each summer the Cenacle sets aside 8 days just for private retreatants.  You can choose to come for 1 day or for 8 days, or for any number in between.

Take time for the gift of relaxation and rest, which can allow you to focus on your relationship with God.

Call our Registrar at 281-497-3131 Ext. 112 to register for your retreat.

Optional opportunities for Mass and Morning/Evening Prayer will be available.

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To all the fathers, Happy Father’s Day!

When will the rain end?  Considering the soggy conditions, the gardens are in pretty good shape and the plants are growing double time!  We do have some fungal and insect problems starting that we will have to keep up with over the summer, but that is expected.

FlowersIf we have not started already it is time to begin cutting the lawn at a higher level to conserve moisture.  The blades should be set at 3”.  (Once temperatures reach about 90 degrees the grass should be allowed to grow a bit higher).

There was quite a bit of damage done to the lawn alongside the Casita when the drainage was put in. We hope to re-sod the area as soon as the drainage repair work is complete. Perhaps at the same time we can address other areas in need of re-sodding on the grounds.

The azaleas should have been sprayed with Miracid last month for the second fertilization and pruning should be complete.  The shrubs will now start setting buds for their spring blooms next year.  They will have to be kept well -watered (not a problem so far!) during the summer months.  Having shallow root systems, azaleas can dry out quickly.

Hurricane season is upon us and the trees have been trimmed, and some removed as hazards.  We continually monitor the trees on the property for signs of weakness and damage.  

We have probably lost a newly planted tree to the heavy rains.  The Shantung Red Maple by the Labyrinth seems not to have survived. The arborist was consulted at the first sign of trouble, and we followed his advice. Unfortunately, the tree was beyond help.   All the other new trees and shrubs appear to be doing well.  

The crape myrtles are starting to show signs of powdery mildew.  They are being treated with Triple Action 20. A few other plants have whitefly and scale.  It is time to start scouting for problems.  This time of year there is an increase in insect infestations.  We will be looking for aphids, whiteflies, scale, thrips, and mealy bugs in particular.


As always, we can use help in the gardens with weeding, trimming, mulching and general tending of the beds.  Our time to work is Friday mornings.  If you would care to join us, you would be very welcome.


Hope to see you in the gardens.

Mary Ellen

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Return to Galiliee

It's Not Too Late - Registrations are still being accepted but don't delay register today!


Looking for a special way to begin  your summer? Fr. Philip Chircop returns to present a weekend retreat that also offers a five day option. "Return to Galilee" begins on Friday, June 17, at 7pm and the weekend concludes at 1:30pm Sunday.  You can choose to extend your weekend with our five day option and conclude your retreat on Wednesday at 1:30 pm.

5 days includes 5 nights and 14 meals for a minimum offering of $485.00

Weekend only includes 2 mights and 5 meals for a minimum offering of $195.00

Give yourself a very special beginning to the traditional vacation time and come for the 5 day option!

 Register Online

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