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Update on the Sisters

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The Houston Cenacle Sisters are pleased to share that

Sr. Pamela Falkowski, rc

 has been appointed by Sr. Rose Hoover, rc, Cenacle Provincial, to become the new Local Leader at the Cenacle Retreat House.

Sr. Pam Falkowski's most recent mission has been in Ronkonkoma, NY in service to the North American Province by animating the inception and evolution of Thérèse's Well, an intentional (local and cyber) community that strives to live more deeply from our Cenacle roots.

             Pam is an experienced spiritual director, retreat facilitator, teacher, musician, artist, certified leader of InterPlay®, and Trager® practitioner.  She believes that creativity is a powerful source of our healing and transformation; and, that our bodies hold the wisdom that can inform good discernment and healthy choices.  Consequently, she uses an interdisciplinary approach to her ministry incorporating the arts, body, and movement.

             Pam holds a D.Min. degree from the Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA, and a B.A. from DePaul University, Chicago.

 Sr. Pamela will arrive at the Houston Cenacle in late January 2017 to become the Local Leader.

 Please join the Cenacle Sisters in welcoming Sr. Pamela to the Houston Cenacle!

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Papal Edition

Dear Cenacle Friends,

Attached is the "Papa Edition" of the Chapter Bulletin that has photos of our attending Pope Francis' General Audience this past Wed. He mentioned the Cenacle congregation by name (along with other groups) and we all cheered, waving our purple scarfs. We wore those to keep track of all of us (nearly 50 people).

I'm under the yellow straw hat, on the second page. Our Madagascar Sisters gave such a hat to each councilor. It came in very handy that day. We stood in the sun for over four hours! 

The Pope mentioned that he was praying not only for those at the audience (tens of thousands of people in St Peter's Square), but our families and loved ones. That includes you!

After the audience, we walked together through the Holy Door at St Peter's. I carried you, your families and your loved ones with me in prayer.


Sr. Mary Guido, rc
Director of Ministry
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Please see the attached document for Sr. Mary Guido's Rome Grounds Newsletter

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Return to Galilee

Galilee is the place where the early disciples were first called, where everything began!  They left everything and followed.  For each of us, too, there is a "Galilee" at the beginning of our journey with Jesus. In this retreat we will explore what it might mean "to go to Galilee". Remembering our own Galilee moment will hopefully upon us to explore some practices intended to enhance the living out of our call.

 Register online


Minimum Offering:

  5 days, $485 includes 5 nights with 14 meals

  Weekend only, $195 includes 2 overnights and 5 meals.

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2015 marks the 60th year the Cenacle Sisters have been in service to the Gulf Coast area. They annually host nearly 5,000 individuals for retreats, programs, individual spiritual direction and offer their services to churches and other non-profit organizations. This year the Board of Directors have chosen the Cenacle Sisters as the honorees for the annual Spring Dinner which will take place on March 4, 2015 at Chateau Crystale, 2517 S. Gessner Rd, Houston, TX 77063. Wine Reception starts at 6:00 and Dinner begins at 6:30.

Daniel Cardinal DiNardo is the keynote speaker. Seating will be limited so secure your table now! Table Sponsorship and Individual Tickets can be purchased on line or by calling 281-497-3131.

Click Here for Online Reservations

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I first became interested in St. Elizabeth Ann Seton about 15 years ago.  One of my sons had been living in New York City and had a medical emergency that landed him at St. Vincent's emergency room.  I was in town visiting with him and so found myself as an anxious mother in the waiting room.  Raising 5 children I had spent a fair amount of time in hospital emergency rooms here in Houston, but nothing prepared me for what I saw at St. Vincent's that day.  Eventually my son was admitted and moved up to a medical floor.  The first few days we waited anxiously to see if he would require surgery and I stayed close by his side.  I had called back to Houston to extend my stay in New York.  After a few days he started to improve dramatically. No surprise he no longer required or wanted mom to remain so close.  It was a good sign but really hard on mom to let go.  I made my way down to the hospital Chapel.  There was this very welcoming statue of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in the hallway outside the Chapel doors. I had this feeling that all was going to be okay with my son and that I was leaving him in good hands. 
On my return home I wanted to know more about St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Her story is one of great joy and tremendous hardship but she never loss her focus on taking care of others.  She once told a friend that she would prefer to exchange the world for a "cave or a desert." "But God has given me a great deal to do, and I have always and hope always to prefer his will to every wish of my own." Her brand of sanctity is open to everyone if we love God and do his will.
Please join us on Wednesday, November 12 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm as Josefa Elayda helps see how St. Elizabeth Ann Seton shows us how to open our hearts to love God and serve God's people?  Minimum Offering: $20 - Call Serena (281-497-3131) to register or register on line.Click to Register Online
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Today, we said our final good-byes to our beloved priest Rev. Edward W. Abell.  Fr. Ed came to the the Cenacle in 2006 as the resident priest and spiritual director and served here until Our Lord welcomed him home on October 2, 2014.
Fr. Ed became a close friend to all of us and when we were having a difficult day nothing turned it around as quickly as having him pop into the office with his smile and twinkling eyes and the reminder we can "Choose Happiness."
Last year we honored Fr. Ed at the Cenacle Annual Spring Dinner.  It was such a great experience meeting his old friends and hearing their stories. Some made you laugh and others made you cry but all were about his being there for them.  A few days before the dinner I received a call from the Chancery downtown.  A man was there looking for a ticket to the dinner.  As I was speaking with him I became aware he had special needs. I asked him how he knew Fr. Ed and he responded saying he didn't know him at all. He had read about Fr. Ed in the Herald and just knew that he wanted to meet this priest because Fr. Ed must have a special love for people.  Fr. Ed had come into my office while I was on the phone and heard me make arrangements for the man to attend the dinner.  Fr. Ed told me to make sure he was able to meet Jacob at the dinner. 
The evening of the dinner Jacob was one of the very first to arrive. I showed him to his seat and told him Fr. Ed had not yet arrived but as soon as he did I would introduce them.  When Fr. Ed came into the room he was quickly surrounded by family and friends. I came up to let him know Jacob was there. Father immediately excused himself from all his friends and went over to see Jacob. He sat down next to Jacob and spent time really listening to him.  Fr. Ed could make you feel like you were the only one in the room.  Jacob asked if he could have his picture taken with Fr. Ed and if Father would autograph his program. Of course Father did so and it meant the world to Jacob.  The evening was meant to celebrate Fr. Ed and Father made time to celebrate Jacob.  It was Father's way of life.
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend some one on one time with Fr. Ed.  We were talking about the days ahead and he reminded me that he knew Jesus was in his boat.  The times might get rough and Fr. Ed didn't know what God had in store for him but he never doubted he would get through it all because he knew Jesus loved him and he loved Jesus.
"Don't pray the storm away, just invite Jesus into your boat," Rev. Ed Abell.  Thank you Fr. Ed for all the life lessons you have helped me understand and I'll be sure and keep inviting Jesus into my boat. 
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"I have come to cast fire upon the earth; and how I wish it were already kindled!" Luke 12: 49

In the beginning a diocesan priest, a mountain woman and other generous women of faith responded to God’s call to “make Jesus better known and loved” in their time. In the early part of the 19th century, the Church in France was beginning to take on new life after the disarray of the Revolution.

In the mountain village of La Louvesc, where many pilgrims came during the season of good weather to pray at the shrine of St. Regis, there was no suitable place for women pilgrims to stay. Because of the lack of space, the innkeepers would house men and women together, and some women were even sleeping in the church.

Fr. Stephen Terme saw the need for a hostel for women pilgrims. He had no money, but he did have a great deal of trust in God, and before long the hostel opened. Sister Therese Couderc was sent to La Louvesc, first as novice director, then as superior, and when La Louvesc was named the mother house of the small congregation, she was named the superior general.

Under the influence of Mother Therese, what was originally a hostel was taking the first step toward becoming a retreat house, where women could deepen their prayer and grow in the spiritual life. The process was completed when Father Terme introduced to the sisters the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. These became an important element in the spirituality of the Cenacle Sisters as well as a way of helping the women who came to their houses to draw closer to God

The Most Reverend Christopher E .Byrne encouraged the development of lay women’s retreats. Through this effort, the Catholic Laywomen’s Retreat Association was established in the 1930’s.    This group continued to work each year to host retreats for women. In 1950 they began to seriously look at having a retreat house established in the Houston area.

As with most organizations there were many ups and downs in trying to find a location to build and the funds required.  Most Rev. Wendelin J. Nold met with Rev. Mother Ida Barlow and Mother  Mary Angela Roduit who had returned to Houston to visit with the Bishop and after a bit of negotiations were given permission to use the Scanlan property, now known as “Sienna Plantation” to begin what would eventually be the Cenacle Retreat House.

The home had been vacant for nearly five years, left empty after the death of the last surviving Scanlan daughter.  As their Foundress had done before them, they rolled up their sleeves and began the hard work of preparing the property for future visitors. On October 9, 1955 the first Mass was held in the chapel on the property.  It was a candlelight Mass because they were still without light fixtures.  The Cenacle Sisters’ long relationship began with the Basilian Fathers who were the first to offer Mass and continue to do on a weekly basis today.

In the 1960’s the congregation began to look for property closer in to Houston. They were able to purchase 9 acres off Kirkwood  Road. The property is surrounded by bayou on 3 sides and until the 1980’s Kirkwood did not go through. A winding trail through the neighborhood led to the front door.

In 2013 the Cenacle Sisters welcomed over 4,000 men and women to the Cenacle for retreats, group days of prayer, individual directed retreats, and those who simply want to enjoy our grounds.  The Cenacle Sisters continue to respond to God’s call to “make Jesus better known and loved” in their time.

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