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No matter which side of politics you lean, everyone seems concerned about the future.  Here is an archived reflection written by Sr. Elizabeth Mozina, rc January 2007. It is a good reminder of where our focus should remain. 

It's January 4th and already the fresh, untouched, first page of the calendar for 2007 is smudged with the data of the unfinished left-overs of 2006.  Speculation runs riot - will this year be better or worse than 2006.  What should we have done; what do we do now?

Remember that a Savior was sent to us and that God incarnate still lives within us, calling us to be like Jesus. We incarnate God's Spirit in our person and we save each other through our love for each other just as Jesus did.

At our New Year's Eve Vigil, the presenter showed a short video called "What's Right with the World," by Dewitt Jones, a National Geographic photographer. The video urges us to be attentive to our perception of the world around us. What's right with what we see?

When we believe in the goodness and beauty around us, we'll see it. When we focus on what's right in our world, we will find it.  When we think peace, we'll recognize peace where it does exist.  It starts in your thoughts and it comes alive because you believe.

The Cenacle invites us to be still and through prayer, cleanse our lenses smudged with prejudice and with the negativity that makes 2007 already look like the worst of 2006.  We're prone to wearing the dark glasses of negative thinking that stifles the energy of hope - God's creative gift against chaos. We have the power to save ourselves by looking at our world as God does. Jesus has saved us! Do we believe that?  Can we make it come true?

Wishing you a clear vision.   Sr. Elizabeth, rc

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