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Thank you all for a wonderful turnout for Sr. Mary Guido, rc! Here are some pictures, feel free to share if you have pictures of your own! Please email as an attachment to

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Papal Edition

Dear Cenacle Friends,

Attached is the "Papa Edition" of the Chapter Bulletin that has photos of our attending Pope Francis' General Audience this past Wed. He mentioned the Cenacle congregation by name (along with other groups) and we all cheered, waving our purple scarfs. We wore those to keep track of all of us (nearly 50 people).

I'm under the yellow straw hat, on the second page. Our Madagascar Sisters gave such a hat to each councilor. It came in very handy that day. We stood in the sun for over four hours! 

The Pope mentioned that he was praying not only for those at the audience (tens of thousands of people in St Peter's Square), but our families and loved ones. That includes you!

After the audience, we walked together through the Holy Door at St Peter's. I carried you, your families and your loved ones with me in prayer.


Sr. Mary Guido, rc
Director of Ministry
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Please see the attached document for Sr. Mary Guido's Rome Grounds Newsletter

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Hello from Rome, Everyone!

I'm sorry that this e-mail is impersonal, but I have far less unscheduled time in Rome than I did while on my sabbatical in Jerusalem last fall. So I won't be writing much.

I'm here for the month of May for the Cenacle Sisters' General Chapter, which occurs once every six years. I tell people it's like a synod and a conclave all rolled up into one. Yes, we elect our General (international) Leader, but no, we don't blow white smoke like the Pope. Instead, one of the Italian sisters tolls a large church bell that is here when the election is over. The neighbors must say, "Ah, the Cenacle Sisters have their new leader!" when they hear it.

Delegates come from around the world and while it's great to serve, it's a lot of work.  Language is just one of the challenges. (Another is not to eat too much of this great food!)

I arrived last week and spent an overnight in Assisi, about a 2 hours' train ride north of Rome through some beautiful countryside. I've attached a few photos. It was my first visit. If you ever have the chance to go, please do, and spend at least one overnight. I don't know how people visit with just a few hours packed into a week's trip with their church. Such a peaceful and beautiful place. No wonder St. Francis could write his "Canticle of Creation".

If you're interested in following along with the General Chapter - or about the Cenacle Sisters around the world - check out our international website: I'm on a committee that posts bulletins, photos and videos.

I'll write once or twice more before I leave on May 30. Thank you for your prayers. You're in not only mine, but in those of the 50 of us here.


Sr. Mary Guido, rc
Director of Ministry

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