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How can we sleep soundly like a baby when we toss and turn with adult worries and what was unresolved from the day?  This session will explore what prevents sleep, helps us sleep and what we can do to heal the underlying anxiety that often surfaces at night because it is ready to be healed.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

1-3 pm

Presented by Fr. Matt Linn, SJ


Minimum Offering: $20

Register online or call 281-497-3131 Ext. 112

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Join Fr. Matt Linn, SJ  presents a new retreat on Near Death Experiences (NDE)  and how they can reveal a divine template for the spiritual journey into unconditional love. In this retreat, we will explore how the stages of an NDE facilitate a transformation marked by peace, forgiveness, increased self-esteem, loss of the fear of death, finding our unique purpose and the conviction that all that really matters in life is to love deeply as the eternal Light of God loves.  Based on the Linns' latest book The Gifts of Near -Death Experiences.

Register online
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