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St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Cenacle Wednesday Contemplative Morning
I first became interested in St. Elizabeth Ann Seton about 15 years ago.  One of my sons had been living in New York City and had a medical emergency that landed him at St. Vincent's emergency room.  I was in town visiting with him and so found myself as an anxious mother in the waiting room.  Raising 5 children I had spent a fair amount of time in hospital emergency rooms here in Houston, but nothing prepared me for what I saw at St. Vincent's that day.  Eventually my son was admitted and moved up to a medical floor.  The first few days we waited anxiously to see if he would require surgery and I stayed close by his side.  I had called back to Houston to extend my stay in New York.  After a few days he started to improve dramatically. No surprise he no longer required or wanted mom to remain so close.  It was a good sign but really hard on mom to let go.  I made my way down to the hospital Chapel.  There was this very welcoming statue of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in the hallway outside the Chapel doors. I had this feeling that all was going to be okay with my son and that I was leaving him in good hands. 
On my return home I wanted to know more about St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Her story is one of great joy and tremendous hardship but she never loss her focus on taking care of others.  She once told a friend that she would prefer to exchange the world for a "cave or a desert." "But God has given me a great deal to do, and I have always and hope always to prefer his will to every wish of my own." Her brand of sanctity is open to everyone if we love God and do his will.
Please join us on Wednesday, November 12 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm as Josefa Elayda helps see how St. Elizabeth Ann Seton shows us how to open our hearts to love God and serve God's people?  Minimum Offering: $20 - Call Serena (281-497-3131) to register or register on line.Click to Register Online
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