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Cenacle Garden Newsletter - Dec. 2014

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Merry Christmas to all.  December will be a short month for us in the gardens.  We will not be working on the 26th, so that means only three Fridays of gardening in December.

While the volunteers work on Fridays (and Catalina occasionally on Wednesdays), Carlos and Barry are busy addressing issues presented to them in our new landscaping log book.  This little book is a big help in getting much needed  work on the grounds done.  

The cold weather is the primary concern this month.  Being ready for freezes can be a challenge, especially on weekends when the staff is gone.  Advance planning is a necessity, and temperatures will be regularly discussed at weekly meetings. Remember that a well watered plant can stand a freeze better than a dry one!

This will be a good planning month and designing month for the new plant area we want to put in across from the meeting room.  Some progress in this area should be made.  The next couple of months are best for planting shrubs and trees.  Also, the decision about whether to put in a rain barrel in the butterfly garden or not needs to be made this month, so we can act on it in January (should we get the okay). I also want to spend some time planning next year's work on the grounds with the volunteers and the staff. 

Garden work will focus on the Sisters' courtyard , the bed along the library wall and planting in Thu's garden.  Cleanup in the Alcove and the bookstore niche area are also needed.  There are other areas we can address, given time.

December is time for an updated bulletin board.  By the end of the month, I should have a new patron saint and pictures up for everyone.  Be prepared for photo opportunities during the next couple of weeks.  Our saint for 2015 will be Kateri  Tekakwitha.  She is the patron saint of the environment and ecology, as is St. Francis of Assisi.  Kateri was an Iroquois who lived in the 1600's in what is now upper New York State. She was canonized in 2012. 

Thank you, Jan Casey (and her neighbors),  for bringing needed pine needles to the main path at the Cenacle last week.  There were many bare spots due to all the rains we got recently.   The needles are a great help.

Above all, thank you to all the volunteers for their time and service beautifying the grounds over the past year. Your dedication is greatly appreciated.  The love you put into your work shows. The friendships we've forged working together are a great blessing.

Hope to see you in the gardens,

Mary Ellen

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