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St. Rose of Lima - Contemplative Morning for Women
Though St. Rose of Lima is known for her life of severe asceticism, she also attended to the needy, sometimes bringing sick and hungry person into her own home to better care for them.
Nor was Rose isolated from the happenings around her. Her awareness of the suffering of others often led her to protest against some of the oppressive practices of the Spanish overlords.
Saint Rose is the patroness of South America, the Phillipines and several groups of peoples including indigenous people of the Americas, the people of Lima and of Gardeners and Florists.
The Morning of Prayer will include: Prayer and Ritual; Presentation and Experience; and time for quiet reflection and sharing.

Wed. April 8, 2015
9 am - 12:30 pm
Presented by Cecilia Romero
Minimum Offering: $20

Call to Register or Walk Ins are welcome as well.
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