"From the moment I stepped out of my car, I felt immersed in the peace that is the Cenacle. I wasn't sure what I was looking for but now I understand it was just being able to set aside my daily baggage and just be. I expected peace and quiet but didn't realize how encompassing it would be for body, mind and spirit, the Spiritual Direction, Massage, Art Cove, Liturgical Services, the food, and the great hospitality."

- M.G.P

An Overview of Our Ministry


We are now open on the corner of Memorial and Gessner...

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Retreats & Programs

Cenacle-sponsored retreats and workshops are designed to give participants a wide variety of options to enhance their spiritual lives in a group setting. Silent retreats focus on a particular topic in an atmosphere of quiet prayer and reflection (including at meals). Interactive retreats allow for discussion during sessions and at meals. Workshops focus on teach­ing and group interaction without as much time for personal reflection as during a retreat. These programs last from a few hours, a full day, overnight, a full weekend or longer.

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Individual Directed Retreat

An individual directed retreat is a time of quiet and rest in the presence of God. It is an opportunity to focus on your relationship with God – particu­larly in your prayer and your interactions with others. You will find your daily rhythm of prayer, relaxation, and reflection in an atmosphere of silence (in­cluding at meals) and peace – which are essential to a directed retreat. A for­mal prayer life is not necessary prior to engage in a directed retreat. All you need is a desire to spend time with God in silence and solitude and a willing­ness to share your prayer experiences with your spiritual director.

Directed re­treats typically last between three and eight days. If you are a “first-timer” we recommend that you begin with a single day or overnight. Spiritual direction and directed retreats are arranged throughout the year as your time permits. Please call at least five business days in advance so that we can make arrangements with a spiritual director.

Spiritual Direction

There may come a time in your life when you desire a deeper relationship with God. It is helpful to have a listener – a spiritual director – to walk with you and assist you in learning to recognize what God is saying in the quiet of your heart and the events of your life.

During spiritual direction, you will meet one-on-one in hour-long sessions with a trained spiritual director in one of our private parlors. The Cenacle Spiritual Directors are trained in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius as well as other forms of spirituality and prayer. Once you have a spiritual director, the rela­tionship continues and you meet at the Cenacle monthly, quarterly, on indi­vidual directed retreats or as needed. Learn More

Spiritual Direction Institute

The Cenacle offers a three-year formation program for Spiritual Directors. The program is available to clergy, religious and laity who are in Christian ministry in parishes, schools, retreat centers and congre­gations. Learn More

Days of Prayer

Throughout the year we set aside days of prayer on specific topics. These day-long group programs in­volve prayerful teachings with ample time for quiet reflection and personal communion with God. The Cenacle also offers an Ongoing Program of monthly days of prayer known as the Inner Healing Days of Prayer. You may choose to come to a single day or the full series.