"Cenacle is Holy Ground."

- Terri, Retreat Participant


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Psalm 23 A Meditative Sharing
Morning Prayer

February 29, 2020
9:30 - 12:00pm
Given by: Chuck Kindsvatter
Suggested Offering: $30.

Psalm 23

A Meditative Sharing

Prayer through the Lenten 40 days

As familiar as the 23rd Psalm is, it still has the power to center us and to lead us into silence.

 It renews our soul.

The image of the Lord being our Shephard over the centuries continues to deepen our comprehension of God’s character and presence with us.

Come together this morning to listen again to the strength and guidance with which this Psalm gifts us.

Indeed, it invites us to enter this Lenten season with courage, silence and trust. There will be time for quiet reflection, sharing and prayer.

Please arrive early for sign-in and refreshments 9:00am


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