"I get glimpses of God through other people's experiences."

- Sister Alice Weckerle, r.c.


Sr. Mary Dennison, rc, EdD

About Sr. Mary: 
A Cenacle Sister for more than 50 years, Sr. Mary was the Director of the Cenacle’s Spiritual Direction Institute for 25 years. She has a Doctorate in Education from the University of Houston, an MRE from Loyola of Chicago and holds Texas Certification in Gerontology.
Sr. Lois Dideon, rc ThM

About Sr. Lois:
Sr. Lois has her Masters in Theology and in Pastoral Counseling and is a Certified Gestalt Therapist Training in Jungian psychotherapy in Boston, Pittsburgh and Houston. A Cenacle sister for 50 years she loves spiritual direction, directing retreats and facilitating other’s searching and finding (experiencing) our Good & Loving God and experiencing their own soul life via group retreats and workshops. Sr. Lois does not do counseling or therapy- her training is simply a way to become a better instrument for the ministry.
Sr. Ann  Goggin, rc, MDiv, DMin
Director of the Spiritual Direction Institute

About Sr. Ann:  Sr. holds graduate degrees in theology and spirituality.  She has been a campus ministry director and director of lay ministry training programs before returning to Texas.

Sr. Roselle Haas, rc, MA, MS

About Sr. Roselle:
Sr Roselle grew up in Northwest Indiana, near Chicago and entered religious life in 1964.  She has served in Cenacles throughout the states as a spiritual director as well as in giving programs focusing on discernment, styles of prayer, images of God and developing a healthy self image. Her ministry outreach includes working with young adults in discovering and developing their spiritual depth and discerning God’s gifts and call. 
Sister Barbara  Regan, rc, MA, MTS

About Sr. Barbara:
Sr. Barbara has more than 25 years of experience leading retreats and co-leading with women and men from coast to coast
. Sr. Barbara joins us in 2015 from the Cenacle in Ronkonkoma, NY.
Sr. Pamela Falkowski, rc D. Min.
Local Leader

About Sr. Pam: Sr. Pam Falkowski’s most recent mission has been in Ronkonkoma, NY in service to the North American Province by animating the inception and evolution of Thérèse’s Well, an intentional (local and cyber) community that strives to live more deeply from our Cenacle roots.

Pam is an experienced spiritual director, retreat facilitator, teacher, musician, artist, certified leader of InterPlay®, and Trager® practitioner.  She believes that creativity is a powerful source of our healing and transformation; and, that our bodies hold the wisdom that can inform good discernment and healthy choices.  Consequently, she uses an interdisciplinary approach to her ministry incorporating the arts, body, and movement.

Pam holds a D.Min. degree from the Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA, and a B.A. from DePaul University, Chicago.

Sr. Mary Ann Peters, rc
Director of Ministry

About Sr. Mary Ann: Sr. Mary is a native of Texas and joined the Cenacle Sisters through the Houston Cenacle.

She is a graduate of St. Agnes Academy, Houston and the University of St. Thomas, Houston. She has ministered in Cenacles in several US cities (including Houston) and was Provincial of the Province of North America from 2000-2009.

 In 2010, she was elected by the Cenacle Sisters’ General Chapter to serve the Cenacle congregation on the international leadership team as a General Councilor and Vicar General, residing at the Cenacle Generalate in Rome.