"I get glimpses of God through other people's experiences."

- Sister Alice Weckerle, r.c.

Spiritual Direction

"My heart is restless until it rests in thee."
- St. Augustine

What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is a privileged time and place to reflect with another about your relationship with God. The focus is your life with God as it is lived out in all of your experiences. Spiritual direction is the process of coming home to your deepest self and how to live that reality with God, others and yourself.

Hourly appointments are scheduled about every four weeks. All of your life is material for spiritual direction as you seek to become more aware of God’s presence in your life. The agenda is what you bring: prayer, images of God, questions of faith, concerns about the church, choices to be made, relationships, fears and joys. The director helps you to listen to your life with as much care as it deserves.

Spiritual direction, though practiced by Christians for centuries, is increasingly sought by people in today’s world who desire a deeper relationship with God and someone to companion them in that search. The tradition has consistently defined the practice of spiritual direction as an art that recognizes the Holy Spirit as the true director.

What is the director’s role?

Companions for the Journey: The director needs spiritual training, a knowledge of the religious heritage of the Christian tradition and human development, and must demonstrate recognized gifts for this ministry.

The director stands in service of the relationship between God and the one seeking direction and is not someone who tells another what to do or what path they should be pursuing.

What is my commitment?

Your commitment to the spiritual direction relationship is that of bringing yourself to the session in an open stance, being faithful to your personal prayer life, and to attending the scheduled meetings with your director.

Spiritual direction is a professional service that the Cenacle Sisters and staff provide, yet we do not charge a set fee for a visit. We appreciate any offering that you are able to give—if you are able to give. We realize that each person’s financial circumstances are unique. Offerings will help ensure that the Cenacle can continue to serve the spiritual needs of all people who come here.

Whatever you are able to give—whether you are able to give or not—please know that the Cenacle Sisters and staff welcome you to receive spiritual direction.

Call the Cenacle at (281) 497-3131 for more information. If you are interested in ongoing spiritual Direction, click here for more information; then download a confidential questionnaire by clicking here. Once the questionnaire is received, a spiritual director will be selected for you. In the meantime, be assured of the prayers of the Cenacle Sisters and the whole Cenacle family for you and your loved ones.(Please email questionnaire to ministry@cenacleretreathouse.org)