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Cenacle Prayer Card Ministry

All questions about Cenacle Prayer Cards or previous orders may directed to 1-866-219-1772 or prayercards@deluxe.com. Staff at our Province location cannot assist in placing orders.

When you make tangible your prayers, when you create a unique-to-you Cenacle Prayer Card, you’re gifting someone not just a beautiful card but reminding them that they are in your prayers, and that they are also in the prayers of the Sisters of the Cenacle.

The Crusade of Prayer (a.k.a. Mass Cards and formally Prayer Enrollment) was founded by Mother Mary Shannon at the Boston Cenacle in 1928. After a two year hiatus of creating and selling cards from 2020 – 2022, the Sisters of the Cenacle never ceased praying for all those previously enrolled.

Now, when you purchase a card (prayer requests are always free) your enrollment in this Cenacle Prayer Card Ministry provides for the celebration of a monthly Mass, offered for all those enrolled and those who enroll them. The Mass is celebrated at the main chapel of the province home of the Sisters of the Cenacle in North America in Chicago, Illinois. Those enrolled are remembered in the daily prayer of the Sisters of the Cenacle and by the many friends of the Cenacle (Associates and Auxiliaries) who share in this ministry.

Through personalized printing, when you choose the gift of a Cenacle Prayer Card, your purchase helps to support the many spiritual ministries and needs of the Sisters of the Cenacle, such as retreats, spiritual direction, and adult faith formation.

Orders are usually mailed out within four business days of purchase. Please note, gold ink and hand calligraphy on individual cards ceased in 2021 though we were able to repaint and digitize many of our watercolors. The Sisters of the Cenacle are happy to partner with Deluxe Corporation which created the ordering website, and facilitates the enrollee/enroller information being sent to the Sisters and Devco Foil Stamping where your individual card is printed and mailed out.

Orders may be placed online at www.cenaclesisters.deluxebrand.com. Thank you for your support of the Sisters’ ministry of prayer. You may call 1-866-219-1772 Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM — 5:00 PM Central, for ordering assistance or questions. 

We are pleased that the Cenacle Prayer Card Ministry has a card or verse for all occasions, stepping-stones, and milestones throughout life. If you’d like to make a prayer request and be included on the Sisters’ prayer lists and not purchase a card, please visit cenaclesisters.org/prayer

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