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Re: Coronavirus Emergency

June 1, 2020 Update:  Due to the Coronavirus restrictions, the Ronkonkoma Cenacle and Prayer Enrollment are closed at this time.

GOOD NEWS!... You may order Prayer Enrollments from the Chicago Prayer Enrollment Office by phone (888-549-0725) or (773-549-0725) or online at https://www.cenaclesisters.org/chicago/prayer-enrollment



April 22, 2020 Update

 Given Coronavirus restrictions, the Ronkonkoma Cenacle and Prayer Enrollment Office will be closed until further notice.


With the support of our Province Leadership Team, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all retreat programs, directed/private retreats and group meetings through August 1st.


This is because of:

  • The unknown time of the lifting of the “shelter in place” ban, now extended through mid-May,
  • Our responsibility to keep retreatants, employees and sisters safe and protected from the virus,
  • The most probable gradual re-opening of public places,
  • The reality that some of our gathering spaces do not provide adequate space for safe distancing between people for the number of retreatants registered.

Refunds will be processed as soon as possible due to staffing reduction.


Know that the Cenacle Sisters in Ronkonkoma are well and continue to shelter in place.  This pandemic invites us all to hold in our hearts all of those suffering both near and far… our families and friends, neighbors and co-workers, doctors, nurses and all health care workers, and peoples around the world who also are living with the uncertainty and vulnerability of this virus. 


The Cenacle Sisters:

Sister Judy, Sister Kathy, Sister Yvonne in the Retreat Center,

Sister Monica in Thérèse’s Well and

Sister Kathryn in Willowbrook, IL, (for the time being),

pray for you every day.  Be well. 


May our good God bless us all and keep us safe!





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