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 The Ronkonkoma Cenacle remains closed  to the public at this time.

The Ronkonkoma Cenacle Prayer Enrollment is now permanently closed.  Please reach out to the Cenacle Prayer Enrollment Office in Chicago for all your enrollment needs.  See their contact information below:



June 2020

Dear Cenacle Friends,

 In their search for a place in the country almost one hundred years ago, our Cenacle Sisters from St. Regis Cenacle in New York City were overwhelmed at the generosity of actress Maude Adams in readily donating her sprawling acreage in Ronkonkoma to the Congregation. Her unexpected gift “set the stage” for the Holy Spirit to animate ever so many Cenacle Sisters and retreatants throughout the years to persevere in prayer with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, on these lovely grounds.


In our letter of November 20, 2019 we shared with you that: “After much prayer, dialogue and work with consultants, the Cenacle Sisters of the North American Province acknowledge with deep sorrow that we do not have the sister personnel and energy to continue our ministry at the Ronkonkoma Cenacle to the extent that we have been doing.” Our North American Province Transformative Visioning Process has led us to another poignant moment of concrete change: The Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York has purchased the Ronkonkoma Cenacle to be used as a residence for retired priests.  As we are filled with gratitude for all the graces given through our dear “Ronky,” we feel that we could not have found a buyer more aligned with our mission.


We count on your continued prayers and presence with us in this transition, even as COVID-19 restrictions prevent us from hosting a public celebration of thanksgiving at this time. We thank our Good God for your faithful support, love and prayers these many years.  Know that our Cenacle presence will remain here on Long Island as some of our Sisters will continue to live and minister here. Your on-going support of the mission of all of the Cenacle Sisters of the North American Province is most appreciated and can be done as usual through our website or by mail.  You may also continue ordering Prayer Enrollments from the website, by phone or through the mail.  All cards will be processed by the Cenacle Prayer Enrollment Office in Chicago.


Deeply grateful to you, we promise you our prayer and we hold you in our hearts,

 Kathryn Madden, r.c.

Margaret Rohde, r.c.

Yvonne Levesque, r.c.

Monica Kaufer, r.c.

Judy Osterburg, r.c.

Kathy Scott, r.c.


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