War No More: Statement Regarding Ukraine

February 26, 2022

War No More.  Solidarity with Ukraine.  Protection for our Common Home.

With confidence in the abiding and transforming presence of the Holy Spirit in our world,  we participate in the spiritual renewal of the human heart so that peace and justice may reign. This challenges us to search for the roots of injustice and hatred and war, evils which spring from human hearts, and to recognize the manifestations of them. As we allow God’s love to transform our own hearts and lives, we become more sensitive to the poor and oppressed upon whom injustice weighs so heavily.



It is with horror and distress that we have witnessed the beginnings of another war. Hatred and war have sprung once again from human hearts through the invasion of the sovereign country of Ukraine.

We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and all her people,

especially those for whom perpetual light now shines.

We pray fervently

for the conversion of heart of all aggressors,

for those who seek justice and righteousness,

for mercy upon the poor and oppressed for whom the injustice of war weighs so heavily, for enlightenment regarding the devasting effects of war upon Mother Earth, our Common Home.

And, holding onto hope in defiance of evil,

we pray for the peace of Christ for all God’s children.

Just as our prayer rises before God,

may Justice rain down on us all:

War no more, never again war.

We join — and wish for you to join us — in heeding the request of our Holy Father.

Pope Francis has designated this Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, March 2nd, as a day of prayer and fasting for peace in Ukraine.

May the peace of Christ, given and entrusted to us, rise over the evil, hatred, and death of war.

And, in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, may we, with integrity, act upon this most beautiful gift.

Kyrie Eleison. Christe Eleison. Kyrie Eleison.



North American Province Statement Regarding the War Against Ukraine.